Federal Labor Law Topical Outline

Paul K. Rainsberger

Revised August 2011

Introductory materials

  1. Historical development of Federal Labor Law (PDF)
  2. Structure and Jurisdiction of the National Labor Relations Act and the National Labor Relations Board (PDF)
  3. Classification of Cases under the National Labor Relations Act (PDF)
  4. Basic rights of workers and unions under §7 — protected and unprotected activity (PDF)

Organizing issues and procedures

  1. Organizing rights and tactics (PDF)
  2. NLRB Procedures in "R" (Representation) Cases (PDF)
  3. Unit determinations (PDF)
  4. NLRB procedures in "C" (unfair labor practice) cases (PDF)
  5. Improper election conduct and unfair labor practices during organizing campaigns — procedural issues (PDF)
  6. Rights of exclusive representation (PDF)

General unfair labor practices

  1. Interference, Restraint or Coercion (PDF)
  2. Employer Interference with a labor organization (PDF)
  3. Discriminatory actions to encourage or discourage union activity (PDF)
  4. Retaliation for participating in NLRB procedures (PDF)

The duty to bargain

  1. The duty to bargain—general considerations (PDF)
  2. The subject matter of bargaining (PDF)
  3. The duty to furnish information (PDF)
  4. Standards defining the concept of bad faith bargaining (PDF)
  5. Bargaining over unilateral changes in the conditions of work, including basic capital decisions and their effects (PDF)
  6. Successorship issues (PDF)
  7. Bankruptcy law considerations (PDF)
  8. Union security agreements (PDF)
  9. Pre-hire agreements in the construction industry (PDF)

Regulation of economic pressure

  1. Limitation on the right to strike and to use other forms of concerted activity (PDF)
  2. Work stoppages classified according to causal factors — economic and unfair labor practice strikes, safety disputes, and lockouts (PDF)
  3. Illegal or unprotected strikes and pickets (PDF)
  4. Primary and secondary activity (PDF)
  5. Common situs picketing (PDF)
  6. Consumer appeals and boycotts (PDF)
  7. Regulation of hot cargo and featherbedding agreements (PDF)
  8. Organizational and recognition picketing (PDF)
  9. The use of injunctions in labor disputes (PDF)

Enforcement of collective bargaining agreements

  1. Alternative methods of dispute resolution (PDF)
  2. Judicial involvement in the enforcement of collective bargaining agreements (PDF)
  3. Arbitration and the Board — NLRB deferral doctrines (PDF)
  4. The duty of fair representation (PDF)

Internal union regulation